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Terms And Conditions

  • Our knowledge of your needs and the timeline provided determine all projected costs. Any changes to features, including micro-improvements, may lead to additional expenses. In a face-to-face meeting, kindly confirm and specify the requirements and demands.
  • By acknowledging a quotation, you concur with and accept Metafussion’ policies and terms. Acknowledgment can be oral, via email, payment of the initiation fee, or signature on a quote.
  • Clients must ensure that all necessities have been included in the quotations and that we fully comprehend their prerequisites! Clients must give us clear guidelines and any progression or precise information they may require. We will move ahead with our knowledge of the specifications and quote accordingly if such specifics are not provided to us anytime soon. If a massive disparity or ambiguity arises later, adjusting to the changes may result in additional costs. As a result, you must explain every element of your webpage development and ensure that you have received accurate quotes.
  • Any nuance associated with specific tasks must be articulated ahead of time and incorporated into the proposal to keep a check and monitor the amount. We perform in good conscience and depend on our clientele to provide complete information at the time of the citation. Metafussion will not be held liable for any imbalance or inconsistency caused by blurred requirements.
  • Each work has a fixed number of hours. Within the time prearranged, minor changes may be made. It will be taken into account on an individual level.
  • Metafussion will make every attempt to wrap up the project/changes within the timespan stipulated. If features and functions are reinvented or altered, rational delays are accepted.
  • Any disruptions at the client’s end may cause the proposal and suggested timescales to be postponed, resulting in added expenses.
  • Except at our absolute discretion or as needed by applicable laws, we do not provide refunds or credit.
  • Any bugs (programming errors) disclosed during or instantly after development do not invite additional charges.
  • Any rework on an initially completed task will require extra fees. Any changes to the layout will call for an additional fee once acknowledged.
  • Any changes demanded during progress or after Go-Live approval will accrue extra costs. All additional work will be charged separately. Metafussion will not be held liable for any disruptions resulting from modifying the proposed project.
  • We must receive all website content and relevant items within the first two weeks of the project. Any possible or unexpected disruptions may end up causing the project to be delayed, and if they surpass a reasonable timeframe, they may result in additional charges.
  • Our webpages are generally tested on PCs using the most recent versions of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Please do not forsake informing us prior if you require checking on any other browser.
  • iPhones and iPads are used to check and test the responsive compatibility of web pages. If you want to test on another device, please let us know ahead of time.
  • If your webpage is not held on a Synapse server, any extra hours required due to network issues are not included in our quotes and will be charged separately.
  • Please remember that any project stalling for more than two months will cause $99/week in admin costs. Furthermore, it has the potential to raise previously approved estimates. Putting a project on hold requires prior notice; otherwise, it will not be catered to by the team.
  • When you put a project on hold, there are no additional charges. We will require updating the account before the project is put on hold. If such a situation occurs, a detailed discussion can be held.
  • Metafussion’ software codes (excluding open-source software) are protected by copyright. Once all previous receipts have been settled and established, the codes can be decided to hand over at an extra cost for use. The codes are modified for re-use for the customer. The codes will not be permitted to be resold or duplicated under any circumstances.
  • Metafussion owns the copyright to all codes written for any respective client. Metafussion guarantees a license for the client’s exclusive use of any made-to-order software. This license is granted as part of the hosting fee. It cannot be transmitted to any outer host, and no connectivity to the software codes is permitted.
    The website/application is crafted carefully using commercial-grade internet. The website may not perform well if implemented on an office network based on website traffic.
  • Metafussion makes every effort to determine the appropriateness of any third-party elements; any unexpected constraints of third-party elements are beyond our control.
  • Purchase costs for SSL, Payment Gateway, Google AdWords, Plug-in licenses, and so on are not included in our estimates.
  • Metafussion accepts no liability for accessible options like WordPress, Open-Source Carts, Joomla, etc. It is the client’s concern to keep all elements and third-party software up to date. To avoid disruptions, we recommend that the client perform regular holdups.
  • Metafussion provides packages in collaboration with third-party vendors. Changes in the third-party provider’s rules and strategies may affect our services.
  • Sometimes, delays can be unavoidable. As long as we make a reasonable effort to stay on track with the proposed schedule, you will not penalize us for any delays that may have been caused unintentionally.
  • Domain registration, renewal, and other related charges are not included in our project or proposal unless specified. If a client pays for such items, we will provide a separate estimate and have the client’s approval.
  • Hosting fees aren’t included in the quote. If necessary, Metafussion can organize an appropriate hosting solution, for which a quote will be forwarded individually and approved by the client. When clients decide to manage their web host, we should be contacted before finalizing the type of web host and data system, as it must meet the specifications of the development technology. Please remember that we will need full access to the server and hosting support to test and organize the application. 
  • Metafussion will not be held answerable for any disruptions or errors caused by the hosting company’s direct or indirect actions.
  • Metafussion typically tests internet sites on servers or domains hosted by us. Metafussion cannot grant any third party to connect directly to their test server and websites. The webpage can be transferred to a designated third-party server after payment in full of all invoices and dues.
  • Regardless of any other provision in the agreement, upon payment in full of any outstanding invoices, Unisoftwares will grant an unconditional permit to the client to recreate, publicize, engage, utilize, vary, or otherwise deal with the visual effects, writings, and photos used in the publishing webpage and associated form and functionality.
  • It excludes intellectual property related to the creation of the website, such as internet advertising, active development, database structures, scripts, forms, or capabilities.
    Email is used for all communications/correspondence. Therefore the client must keep us updated on their current email addresses.
  • It excludes intellectual property related to the creation of the website, such as internet advertising, active development, database structures, scripts, forms, or capabilities.
    Email is used for all communications/correspondence. Therefore the client must keep us updated on their current email addresses.